Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not this time, baby!

For the first time since 1964, Virginia has gone Democratic in a presidential election, for Barack Obama! Amazingly, our seeming Congressman-for-life, Virgil Goode is locked in a tight battle for the 5th district of Virginia. Right now, Democratic challenger Tom Perriello has a slight lead.

Meanwhile, on Virginia's Eastern Shore, the small peninsula separate from the rest of the state, signs for McCain were very prominent in the fishing-turned-vacation island of Chincoteague. But there were a few supporters for Obama, as the photos below indicate. It turns out that Obama won the lower of two counties on the Eastern Shore, Northampton, while the upper county of Accomack, which includes Chincoteague, went for McCain. But Democrat Glenn Nye defeated incumbent Thelma Drake for Congress, and statewide, Mark Warner (D) trounced the hapless Jim Gilmore (R) for US Senator.

As the late Jackie Gleason would have said, "How sweet it is!"

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