Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another big truck encounter

I almost got my left rear corner crunched by a tractor-trailer driving too fast for conditions. This was in my 2004 Camry that got smashed in the same place by a hit-and-run driver in Los Angeles while it was parked overnight, causing over $4,000 in damage!

I was talking with my wife and hadn't looked in the rear-view mirror as often as I usually do. So when I did look up, going about 45 mph in fairly heavy traffic (2 lanes in one direction), I saw this truck coming up and swerving left, missing my bumper by maybe a foot or so. I did manage to move to the right side of the lane.

Well, there were several traffic lights that turned red ahead of us, so I remembered some advice from the internet, caught up with the truck, and had my wife write down all of the identifying numbers on the tractor, along with the name of the trucking company. There was no phone number indicated.

The truck driver knew we were up to something as he tooted his horn at one point, since we kept looking at his vehicle to get the information.

I called the company after we got home and spoke to a nice man who took down all of my information. He said it would be passed along to the safety division, noted on the guy's record, and if enough further complaints came in, he would be fired. Google and gave me the right phone number in seconds!

So don't get mad or bother with the police. Just call the trucking company! This is the second time I've done this, and both times, the recipients seemed to be glad I called.

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